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BWWHBride with White Hair (Chinese film)
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While helmer Ronny Yu's "The Bride With White Hair" (1993), was one of the best Hong Kong films from that industry's greatest period, none of Yu's American films have been up to that level, and "Freddy vs.
Likewise, Wong's avant-garde action sequences (darting smears of frenzy and chaos, slowed down but not enough for the eye to fully register everything) in Fallen Angels and especially in Ashes of Time, 1992, bowl the uninitiated over, but they're really just minor refinements of the imagery of mainstream Hong Kong pictures like the science fiction Wicked City and the martial-arts fable The Bride with White Hair. (Wong's movies borrowed the leads from those films too.)
One of the best of this genre is The Bride with White Hair. This film centers on two lovers: a beautiful young woman who is the assassin of an evil cult and a young swordsman who is the champion of those who oppose the cult.
helmer Ronny Yu ("The Bride With White Hair") in the thriller "The 51st State."