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Pricing starts at GBP740+VAT for the Air Premier DWL-1700AP Outdoor Wireless Access Point and GBP740+VAT for the Air Premier DWL-1750 Outdoor Wireless Bridge/Router.
The Vivato Wi-Fi Bridge/Router contains dual 200 mW radios for increased coverage and capacity.
4 GHz Wireless Bridge/Router provide businesses with the ability to create an external wireless network/hotspot or connect two networks across town wirelessly in a rugged, watertight protective casing that includes built-in lightning protection, keeping sensitive electronic components safely away for the elements or power surges.
Today, the main approach being used is to connect an existing SCSI tape library to a Fibre Channel infrastructure using a bridge/router (Fig 1).
Networking systems provider Nighthawk Electronics Inc has announced the immediate availability of an intelligent wireless bridge/router in the UK.
Using bridge/routers from RAD Network Devices (RND), PP&L has accomplished its goal.
The newest addition to the Vivato family of products is a Wi-Fi Bridge/Router designed to fill in coverage gaps, stretch the limits of range and provide an economical way to feed an outdoor wireless switch with backhaul from an in-building wired network.
Vivato(TM), a Wi-Fi infrastructure company, is demonstrating the capabilities of the new Vivato Wi-Fi System, which includes the new Vivato Wi-Fi Bridge/Router, the Vivato 2.
The NCL1900 is the first wireless bridge/router available that provides non-line-of-sight (NLOS) connections for LAN applications and small network deployments via the license-exempt 900 MHz spectrum.
Centillium's Palladia SecureDSL family provides a range of products for the home networking market from entry-level bridge/router technology to DSL routers with wireless capability and security functions.
WaveRider's NCL1170 is the newest 11 Mbps wireless bridge/router developed by WaveRider.