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B2NBridge to Nowhere
B2NBusiness to Nobody (E commerce)
B2NBack to Normal
B2NBackup to Neighbor (peer-to-peer program)
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Predictors of researchers that fit into the Bridge to Nowhere category may include:
John McCain, attacking the Republican presidential candidate for his views on the economy, branding the Arizona senator as a deregulator who encouraged the current Wall Street crisis; on foreign policy by tying McCain to the war in Iraq; and on health care, where Biden labeled McCain's health care plan, which involves tax credits but will also tax employer's benefits, "the ultimate Bridge to Nowhere.
For contemporary literary investigation, Lacan is crucial; but for mainstream American philosophy of an analytic cast, he is irrelevant, the argumentative equivalent of a bridge to nowhere.
Whether it's the acoustic riff of Bridge To Nowhere or psychedelic pop jam Mystified, Heavy there's nothing to boost adrenalin levels.
Senator Ted Stevens, whom you may recall as the sponsor of that $398 million Bridge to Nowhere in his home state of Alaska, is under investigation for his relationship to Bill Allen, a former executive of VECO Corporation, a company that has been the beneficiary of lucrative federal contracts.
They probably also have been known to scream "that's funny" when they learn that a multimillion dollar bridge to nowhere is being constructed while learning that there are no funds for long overdue dental care for their 23-year-old daughter with Williams syndrome.
Widening the road has simply funnelled the traffic to Shotwick lights and building a bridge to nowhere has not helped the congestion at all.
A Bridge To Nowhere Anthony Baggadontz Three Angels Publishing 41 South Loudoun Street, Winchester, VA 22601 9780978998301, $23.
Information producers and vendors must ensure that their products extend to the users and do not become a bridge to nowhere.
The massive Scottish set which includes Hagrid's Hut and Bridge to Nowhere will now only be used for scenic shots.