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B2NBridge to Nowhere
B2NBusiness to Nobody (E commerce)
B2NBack to Normal
B2NBackup to Neighbor (peer-to-peer program)
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(4) For more information on the "Bridge to Nowhere" debate, see https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/nov/8/alaska-kills-bridge-to-nowhere-that-helped-put-end/.
I would implore you to support an alternative by directing the bridge to nowhere on a coastal route east of Flint and improving the A494- A55 junction, you never know we could be wishing for the same outcome.
The "Bridge to Nowhere" is a bridge over the Mangapurua Gorge in the Whanganui National Park in New Zealand (Figure 3).
The natural gas "bridge" has been tagged a "bridge to nowhere," a "bridge over a crumbling highway," and "a bridge to climate disaster," given that new natural gas plants and infrastructure being built for fracked gas have a 40-year lifespan.
Local businesses have criticised the work, fearing they will be hit badly by the closure - for a "bridge to nowhere" - amid concerns they will lose out on passing trade.
Call it the bridge to nowhere or better yet the skybridge to the rubble field.
"Rather than bridging the gap between the parties, he makes 'bridge to nowhere' proposals.
"Sadly, Thad Cochran voted for billions in wasteful spending -- like the Bridge to Nowhere,'' said the announcer in a McDaniel campaign ad, as a grainy black-and-white picture of Mississippi's senior senator flashed over a map of Alaska.
"I am proud to have been in this fight against another federal 'bridge to nowhere,' paid for through fees tacked onto Mississippi power bills.
It was in good shape--especially for a bridge to nowhere. It began at the foot of the village, spanned a narrow tributary and ended 50 meters from another deep, eroded channel.
One of the sculptures called "Bridge to Nowhere" features a long curved line that gradually thins at the end.