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A Regional and Area Bridges to Excellence Performance Report: This report demonstrated the number and level of BTE recognitions within each region/area.
* Have we assessed, for example, if our patient volume--from routine to complex cases--meets the six Bridges to Excellence primary quality attributes; that is, safe, effective, efficient, patient-centered, timely and equitable care delivery?
TABLE 1 Bridges to Excellence key principles * Reengineering care processes to reduce mistakes will require investments, for which purchasers should create incentives.
Jon Shematek said at a meeting on health information technology sponsored by eHealth Initiative and Bridges to Excellence.
The American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM), with support from Bridges to Excellence (BTE), is creating a program to reward physicians for high quality health care.
Sparked by employer initiatives such as Leapfrog and Bridges to Excellence, key industry leaders have implemented provider pay-for-performance programs designed to align incentives and encourage provider participation in quality care, customer satisfaction and efficiency improvement programs.
One example of this type of arrangement is the Bridges to Excellence program, in which physicians are paid an extra $100 if their diabetes patients meet certain outcome benchmarks.
WASHINGTON -- From a liability perspective, health information technology remains a double-edged sword whose parameters still need to be spelled out, experts maintained at a meeting sponsored by eHealth Initiative and Bridges to Excellence.
The Blues plan, serving 3.2 million members, is participating in the Bridges to Excellence pay-for-performance program that started in Ohio and Kentucky and has expanded as a model for similar health plans around the country.
Neither is it true of Diabetes Care Link, a large employer-led pay-for-performance initiative launched last year under the rubric of Bridges to Excellence. Selfenrolled physicians in Cincinnati and Louisville get a $100-per-patient bonus if they meet National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) and American Diabetes Association standards of care for their diabetic clientele.
CareFirst used the Bridges to Excellence model program developed by a group of employers, insurers, and physicians.
One program that has been a pioneer in this area was formulated by the Bridges to Excellence coalition, which was founded by a number of larger employers and offers incentives to physicians who demonstrate quality care.