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"Canada will need to explore how to inform the international community and will have to take the steps needed to adjust its obligations under these conventions," the briefing note, obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, read.
ComTech's analyst briefing note describes Eka's recent history and development of its Smart Commodity Management platform, which includes predictive analytics, critical to the next generation of Commodity Management solutions.
The briefing note also records complaints of "delayed payments", "discriminatory taxes", "regulatory barriers", "unfair limits on expat salaries" and demand for high national content against foreign service providers -- an industry euphemism for investing oil companies.
The town has previously had two piers but - as the briefing note outlines - it was felt a new structure was neither viable nor affordable.
Asked about the briefing note by counsel for the inquiry Robert Jay QC, Mr Smith insisted it was "very similar to what (Mr Hunt) had said previously, that he didn't see any particular problem with it''.
The briefing notes outlines that the MoD had been asked provide a "contingency force" drawn from the Army, Navy and RAF in addition to the 8,000 troops to police the Olympics and Paralympics.
The briefing notes outline how the MoD has been asked to provide "contingency force" to respond to attacks and emergencies.
As well as pointing out that some racecourse groups, which have taken loans for capital projects on preferential terms from the Levy Board, "are in good financial shape, but still have to repay significant sums", the briefing note outlines the courses' increased revenue from media rights, notably those relating to betting-shop pictures.
The Euro 11 million GABRIEL project, Professor Miriam Moffatt, of Imperial College London, told a European Commission briefing note, means "we now know that allergies may develop as a result of defects of the lining of the airways in asthma," so "concentrating therapies only on allergy will not effectively treat the whole disease." The project identified genes alerting the immune system about damage to airways and hastening their healing, which should "help direct research into new treatments," said a Commission report.
The briefing note drafted by the Presidency identifies three specific points: 1.
In a briefing note to staff, seen by the ECHO, NML's management tells staff they need to "prepare ourselves for cutbacks".