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BRIGSBusiness Related Infrastructure Grant Scheme
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I asked him of the brig (which he declared was the finest ship that sailed) and of Captain Hoseason, in whose praises he was equally loud.
Peter had been removed for ever from his path, and all the other boys were in the brig, about to walk the plank.
To guard against any interruption to the voyage by the armed brig, said to be off the harbor, Mr.
And while he discussed within his own mind what sort of shape or similitude it were well to bestow upon this excellent piece of timber, there came into Drowne's workshop a certain Captain Hunnewell, owner and commander of the good brig called the Cynosure, which had just returned from her first voyage to Fayal.
And on the third day I was picked up by a brig from Apia to San Francisco.
Ultimately they brought us up with the jibboom of a Dutch brig poking through our spanker - nothing worse.