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Brinell Hardness. After the TMA experiments, the superficial Rockwell hardness tests were performed on all slowly cooled samples, as we were limited by the small specimen size.
In 1924, Smith and Sandland introduced the Vickers hardness test method, as an alternative to the Brinell hardness test.
The experimental procedure for the Brinell hardness, HB, determination was described in our previous work [9].
Specimens for anatomical studies were cut into clear blocks (10 [L] by 10 [R] by 10 [T] mm) after Brinell hardness measurement with a razor blade and then softened in water at 80[degrees]C for 5 hours.
* Rockwell and Brinell Hardness (Test Code: M1 and M2)
For the Brinell Hardness test Figure 1 results showed that when cow hooves and bagasse were combined using the finest sieve grade size better results were obtained than using cow hooves and bagasse at lower percentages and higher sieve grade sizes.
Table-4 shows the hardness values of developed material which was calculated by Brinell hardness test.
Targets are constructed of AR550 steel tested to a Brinell hardness of 550, and are designed to withstand repeated shots from high-powered rifles and handguns.