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Summer Strallen sings and dances up a storm as Inga, while Dianne Pilkington is a hilarious powerhouse as Frederick's fiance Elizabeth, bringing down the house with ballad Deep Love, full of double entendres.
See a review of Bringing Down the House online, and in Monday's ECHO.
His recent work includes Bringing Down the House, Cheaper by the Dozen, The Pink Panther and It's Complicated.
2 Which of these is not a Las Vegas Casino: Excalibur, Venetian, Paris, Moroccan 3 Which American poker player was a member of the MIT team made famous by the best selling book Bringing Down the House and recent film 21?
BAFTA award-winning Anna Maxwell Martin (Freefall, White Girl, Bleak House) will play journalist and campaigner Heather Brooke, whose tenacious investigations brought about the disclosure of MPs' expenses, in a one-off drama Bringing Down The House for BBC Four.
The 60-minute drama, Bringing Down The House, also features Tim Pigott-Smith as Labour MP Alan Keen and Neil Pearson as Hugh Tomlinson QC, who led the legal fight to force the Commons to publish the claims.
REVIEW: You quickly realise that 21 fails to live up to the real life story it's based on - the story of a group of college kids who made it big in Vegas by counting blackjack cards, as outlined in Ben Mezrich's book Bringing Down The House published six years ago.
Rachel Swan, the reviewer for bitch, put it even more bluntly: "Though Bringing Down the House is initially set up as a romance between Charlene and Peter, it becomes clear as the movie progresses that love would blossom only if Charlene were white" (27).
Director-choreographer Anne Fletcher (her many dance credits include Bringing Down the House and The MTV Movie Awards) turned to hip hop choreographer Jamal Sims to help her create the jaw-dropping sequences where Tatum and his buddies top each other's sharpest moves.
Director Adam Shankman struggled with Bringing Down the House and The Pacifier, but this is so overloaded with sugar it's a close call what the 93minute film will rot first - your teeth or your brain.
It's similar in tone and outlook to Ben Mezrich's recent Bringing Down The House, about a team of blackjack sharpies from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
BRINGING Down the House, one of 2003's funniest comedies, starring Steve Martin, Golden Globe and Oscar nominee Queen Latifah and the riotous Eugene Levy, is out to rent on DVD and video.