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BBDBarbados Dollar
BBDBig Baby Davis (sports)
BBDBombardier, Inc. (stock symbol)
BBDBell Biv Devoe (hip-hop band)
BBDBlackbird Designs (est. 1999)
BBDBarebone Desktop
BBDBase Band Device
BBDBidirectional Bus Distributor
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BBDBilan Bucco Dentaire (French)
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BBDBig Bands Database (resource)
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BBDBritish Bulldogs (WWF tag team wrestlers)
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BBDBlock Based Design
BBDBrain-Based Device
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e court was told that Miss Nash, who lives alone, was traced because Martha had been micro chipped and had been taken in by Nash the year before by a charity specialising in re homing British Bulldogs.
The boy, 11, was playing British Bulldogs, banned at some schools as too rough.
References to British Bulldogs, Neville Chamberlain and 1938 reveal a paranoid Dads' Army approach to our European partners which ill serves British - and especially Welsh - interests.
The Aussie singer was said to be fuming that the glamour girl, with whom he officially split last week following a bitter battle of words, flogged British bulldogs Hugo and Pepsi without his knowledge.
Normally British bulldogs only carry four to five puppies and vets have said that it was having such a large litter that killed Olivia, leaving her devastated owners and their son Declan, 11, to battle to save the lives of the orphaned pups.
PLEA: Missing bulldog Mini Princess, and Rebecca Alexander with one of her adult British bulldogs
And if we were really like British bulldogs, we would nowadays not be able to mate without assistance or give birth naturally.
Pekingese, British bulldogs, King Charles spaniels and pugs are very different in looks from their ancestors.
O'Connor, 28, who breeds British bulldogs and Chinese Sharpei dogs, claimed one litter had earned him pounds 14,000, which had been paid in cash.
National coach Alex Lubansky said: "The England boys were impressed on how Wales came out of the game and a couple of the players from the British Bulldogs side (who are going to the World Cup next year) thought there were some players who could join them.
The Richardsons also sold off a number of their signature teddy bears and some British bulldogs to raise money for the widows and orphans of British soldiers killed on active service in Iraq.
My dad used to breed British bulldogs, and we always had two, a bitch and a dog.
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