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BOUBritish Ornithologists' Union (UK)
BOUBangladesh Open University (est. 1992)
BOUBrazilian Open University
BOUBillion of Units
BOUBroadband Operations Unit
BOUBreak-Out Unit
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On its return to the UK following the 1955 expedition, Oxford was loaned to a British Ornithologists' Union expedition to Ascension Island in the South Atlantic.
The keeper of the British List, on which all these are based, is the British Ornithologists' Union (BOU), a panel of experts who assess the sightings.
Experts at the British Ornithologists' Union's records committee will be asked to verify the claims.
Left: Wanberi-merbiri, a Tapiro village in the Mimika district of Dutch New Guinea (now known as Papua); Above: Wollaston first stumbled upon a group of Tapiro people while trekking in the jungle with the British Ornithologists' Union in 1909, during the first of two trips he made to Dutch New Guinea.
The world's first society dedicated to their observation was the British Ornithologists' Union, founded in 1858, and in 1889 the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds was established.
Other chapters discuss German commercialisation of collecting (Rainer Buschmann), the relation of photography and ethnographic collecting (Elizabeth Edwards), the British Ornithologists' Union Expedition to Dutch New Guinea (Chris Ballard) and the A.B.
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