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BPFBritish Pacific Fleet
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BPFBranche de Prévoyance Familiale (French: Family Welfare Branch)
BPFBiologie et Pathogénicité Fongiques (French: Fungal Biology and Pathogenicity)
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I served in the British Pacific Fleet from Christmas 1943 until the end of World War II on board an escort carrier, HMS Striker.
From a point of view of national prestige, it has been of the utmost importance that our Dominions should see the British navy engaged, if not in equal numbers, at least on an equal footing, with the American forces in the Pacific, and it would have been disastrous from this point of view if the British Pacific Fleet, after being sent to the Pacific, had been relegated, as the Australians consider their own forces to have been relegated, to a "back area.
The 17,000-ton carrier, which was part of the British Pacific fleet in the last war, was sold to the Brazilian navy in 1955 and decomissioned in 2001.
I first came across HMS Bonaventure, the X-Crafts' depot ship, in Scapa Flow ( the fleet anchorage in the OrKney Islands) and later, as part of the British Pacific Fleet in the Far East.
We did many raids against Japanese targets supporting our lads in Burma, and then at the start of 1945 we became the British Pacific Fleet, attacking enemy airfields in support of our American counterparts.
The occasion had a personal poignancy for the Prince, who served with the British Pacific Fleet and witnessed the final surrender of the Japanese in Tokyo Bay on September 2, 1945.
The senior royal had served with the British Pacific Fleet as second in command of HMS Whelp and witnessed the final surrender of the Japanese in 1945.
I joined the Navy in 1943 and came out to Australia with the British Pacific fleet in 1946.
The Duke of Edinburgh, Patron of the Burma Star Association, was guest of honour at the reunion, at the Imperial War Museum, of 14th Army veterans, 60 years to the day after fighting stopped in the Far East The senior royal, whoserved with the British Pacific Fleet and witnessed the final surrender of the Japanese in 1945, was joining them after laying a wreath at the Malta Siege Memorial in central London.
Former Examiner journalist Alan Driscoll was a radio operator on the frigate HMS Helford in the British Pacific Fleet.
She joined the British Pacific Fleet and took part in exercises in Far Eastern waters and made visits to Australia and Japan.
Prince Philip, patron of the Burma Star Association, served with the British Pacific Fleet and witnessed the final surrender of the Japanese.
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