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BWIBaltimore/Washington International Airport (airport code)
BWIBritish West Indies
BWIBest Western International (hotel chain)
BWIBuilding and Wood Workers' International
BWIBoating While Intoxicated
BWIBest Web Image (website design company; San Jose, CA)
BWIBretton Woods Institutions
BWIBoating Writers International
BWIBrendan Wood International (Toronto, ON, Canada)
BWIBicycling while Intoxicated (law)
BWIBill West Incorporated (Monroe, CT)
BWIBattalia Winston International (various locations)
BWIBread for the World Institute
BWIBit Wear Index (engineering/geology)
BWIBandwidth Inheritance
BWIBench Warrant Issued
BWIBoxed with Instructions (online selling)
BWIBureau of Workforce Investment (Pennsylvania)
BWIBond-Wire Interconnect
BWIBusiness Works Inc. (Aiea, Hawaii)
BWIBound Word Inc. (creative arts; Monterey, CA)
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In the first chapter, for instance, he discusses the declining role of British missionaries in the Emancipation Day celebrations in the British West Indies from the 1840s onward.
Some of the subsequent poor treatment meted out to the British West Indies Regiment may have been the result of incompetence rather than racism.
Colonizing Paradise: Landscape and Empire in the British West Indies provides insight into colonizersAE perspectives of a utopian reality, or Eden, in their search for the oNew World.
Chapter 2 "Racist Rantings, Travellers' Tales, and a Creole Counterblast" deals with the impact on the British West Indies of racist ideas and writings by men such as James Froude, Thomas Carlyle, and Charles Kingsley.
With the end of the apprenticeship and the repeal of metropolitan sugar duties, plantation production in the British West Indies nosedived.
The results of such scholarship are often disappointing because it fails to recognize the significance of the circum-Caribbean region as a frontier between the British West Indies and Hispanic America.
Laurence argues that while much has been written about the formative stage of Indian immigration to the British West Indies, little is known about its "mature" phase between 1875 and the formal abolition of immigration in 1917.
A system of belief among blacks chiefly of the British West Indies, the Guianas, and the southeastern United States that is characterized by the use of sorcery and magic ritual.
Getting there: American Airlines and British West Indies Air (BWIA) daily service to Grenada from New York City.
That company is currently licensed to operate throughout the East Coast and in Michigan, Ohio, Texas, the Virgin Islands, the Bahama Islands and British West Indies.
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