BRMBBig Red Marching Band (Cornell University)
BRMBBirmingham Broadcasting, Ltd. (UK radio station)
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| Marie Price and Lisa Lindley turned the Walkathon into a stripathon back in May 1985 | A gang of kilt wearers on the Walkathon in May 1988 | Amanda Maxwell and Wendy Anderton in 1987 | A BRMB team stepped out for the 1984 Walkathon | Sue Bramwich entertaining the walkers in 1989 | The 1988 Walkathon gets under way | 1984 saw a flash on inspiration...
And, on the back of the success of commercial television, a fledgling local radio company called Birmingham Broadcasting Ltd was bravely taking to the airwaves as BRMB.
Today Phil, now 54, is about to celebrate next of Orion, w four rad in the land T no ae week's 40th anniversary of BRMB's debut in Birmingham, launched back in an era of nationwide industrial chaos, the three-day week and power cuts.
In addition, the FTD will be present at the BRMB Grassroots Football Show at Birmingham's NEC to give attendees the chance to enter - as well as promoting the competition through The Non-League Football Paper.
"As well as two tremendous fireworks displays, there are rides for the kids and all sorts of fun and games, plus live performances on stage by a well known BRMB DJ and also top up-and-coming act The Sons of Admiral.
Miss Duffy, 28, and 30-year-old Mr Cooper honeymooned in Bermuda after the ceremony, which was modelled on a similar stunt organised by BRMB in 1999.
Send your entries to: BRMB Music Awards PO BOX 109 Corporation Street, Coventry, CVI 1FP, to reach us no later than February 23.
But a BRMB spokesman said: "Both people have volunteered to take part."
BRMB hit back: "It's an experiment in love - the ultimate arranged marriage."
It's practically impossible, from the vantage point of the information overload years of the 21st century, to appreciate quite what an impact BRMB made 30 odd years ago when it was at its peak of creativity and market penetration.
"The way he said it, I felt like he was making me the Bishop of Winchester and I just said: 'Has it?' Arriving at BRMB in 1976, Les found the whole experience traumatic.
Newbon added: "Gareth was an outstanding candidate and prompted great support among BRMB listeners when Tom and I were discussing who should win the award."