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Stimulus condition Mean [+ or -] Standard deviation Broadband noise 3.19 [+ or -] 0.72 Narrowband noise within-channel 14.53 [+ or -] 6.85 Narrowband noise across-channel 29.71 [+ or -] 13.8 Table 2--Individual gap detection thresholds (in msec) for the BBN, NBN WC and NBN AC stimulus conditions.
The broadband noise provides a SNR decrease of 8.4 dB while noise in the form of second HeadEnd (master) provides a SNR decrease of 16 dB.
These studies demonstrated that the most severe compressor inlet duct broadband noise occurred in the expanded 4-12 kHz frequency range, and it was most dominant within the mid-flow operating region of the compressor.
However, the broadband noise in the high frequency due to turbulent flow considering the levels in the range of St = 5-7 wasn't reduced, so the reduction of the broadband noise is future work.
UFX7000A broadband noise generator Courtesy of Wireless Telecom Group
Jacob, and P Ferrand, "Prediction of Broadband Noise: Airfoil in the Wake of a Rod," in Proceedings of the 42nd AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting and Exhibit, Reno, Nevada, 2004.
For Method I (direct assessment with task), subjects were asked to complete Sudoku puzzles while exposed to broadband noise with a tonal component set at a specific level above the noise.
If the rat detected this signal, it removed its nose from the nose-poke hole resulting in a food reward (45 mg dustless rodent grain pellets, Bio-Serv); a hit was recorded if the rat correctly responded to the broadband noise within 2 s.
The sensor detects real-time current changes or broadband noise created by devices as they switch on or off or otherwise change state.
This requires shunt feedback capacitance in the TIA in order to guarantee stability and to provide bandwidth limiting to reduce broadband noise. The output voltage of TIA, Vout, is determined by the following equation:
Particularly during high thrust operation, such as take-off, reported sound levels radiated by turbofans are 15-20 dB greater than the broadband noise (Thomas et al.
Experimental data clearly shows that the noise spectra for both fans are mainly broadband noise in the range of mid to high frequency and are turbulent in nature, which is considered to be radiated by the pressure fluctuations of the turbulent flow in the boundary layer of the blade surfaces.
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