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BDSBusiness Development Services
BDSBush Derangement Syndrome (derogatory political epithet coined by Charles Krauthammer)
BDSBoondock Saints (movie)
BDSBureau des Sports (French: Sports Office)
BDSBroadcast Data Systems (music)
BDSBritish Driving Society
BDSBrew Distribution System (Qualcomm)
BDSBlue Diamond Society (Nepal)
BDSBusiness Data Services
BDSBusiness Development Specialist
BDSBiohazard Detection System
BDSBritish Dragonfly Society
BDSBoycott, Divestment & Sanctions
BDSBlower Drive Service (automotive)
BDSBiological Detection System
BDSBid Data Sheet
BDSBrock-Dechert-Scheinkman (statistic)
BDSBlack Dragon Society (Japanese political group)
BDSBryant-Denny Stadium (University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa)
BDSBords de Seine (French band)
BDSBureau of Diplomatic Security (US State Department)
BDSBulldog Skates (skateboards)
BDSBioreactor Demonstration System (NASA)
BDSBusiness Document Service (SAP)
BDSBattlefield Distributed Simulation
BDSBlank Detail Specification
BDSBroadband Distribution Specialist (Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers certification)
BDSBattle Dressing Station
BDSBiotechnology Demonstration System
BDSBrindisi P Casale (airport code, Italy)
BDSBlackfan-Diamond Syndrome
BDSState Agency for Standardization and Metrology (Bulgaria)
BDSBioadhesive Delivery System (Columbia Laboratories, Inc.)
BDSBrownian Dynamics Simulation
BDSBroadcast Data Service
BDSBibliothèque Départementale de la Sarthe (French library)
BDSBuilding Distribution System
BDSBurlington Day School (North Carolina)
BDSBicycle Dealer Showcase
BDSBasket Default Swap (finance)
BDSBordeaux Démolition Services (French: Bordeaux Demolition Services; Bordeaux, France)
BDSBusiness Development Seminar
BDSBattlefield Data System
BDSBritish Dental Society
BDSBig Dumb Show
BDSBrowse data Distribution Subsystem
BDSBlockwise Direct Sum
BDSBig Data Service (SGI)
BDSBusiness Design Solutions
BDSBinary Data Set
BDSBuddha Dharma Sangha
BDSBase Data System
BDSBudget Databases System
BDSBackus Data Systems, Incorporated
BDSBattle Deception System
BDSBroadband Distribution System
BDSComm-B Data Registers (used in Mode-S interrogators)
BDSBusiness Design Specification
BDSBill Delevery System
BDSBorder Damping System (used in a picture tube)
BDSBurglar Detection System
BDSBanyon Data Systems, Inc (Burnsville, MN)
BDSBulk Data Subnet
BDSBackground Driver Search
BDSBomb Director System/Set
BDSBriefing and Display Subsystem
BDSBone Density Scanner
BDSBritish Defense Staff
BDSBuilding Department Software
BDSBusiness Dial-Up Service
BDSBreakdown Spares
BDSBorn Down Souf (College Park, GA band)
BdSBanco de Solidaridad (Spanish: Bank of Solidarity)
BDSBulk Density Sensor (Juniper Systems, Inc.)
BDSBusiness Development Solutions (various locations)
BDSBestuurlijk Documentair Systeem (Dutch: Document Administrative System)
BDSBlackBerry Dual Service (Japan)
BDSBerkeley Data Systems (computing)
BDSBorland Developer Studio (software)
BDSBachelor of Dental Surgery
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Before testing for nonlinear Granger causality, we first perform a nonlinear dependence test known as the Brock-Dechert-Scheinkman (BDS) test, to investigate whether these two residual series are characterized by nonlinearities (Brock, Dechert, and Scheinkman, 1987; Brock et al.
Table 8 Brock-Dechert-Scheinkman Tests for Nonlinearity Residuals in the Residuals in the Bank Regression Insurance Regression Dimension Z-statistic p-value Z-statistic p-value Panel A: Sample of Insurers Includes AIG 2 7.
Three different tests are used for this purpose: (i) the Phillips-Perron [13] (PP) test of the null hypothesis of unit root; (ii) the Kwiatkowski-Phillips-Schmidt-Shin [10] (KPSS) test of the null hypothesis of stationarity; and (iii) the Brock-Dechert-Scheinkman [1] (BDS) test of the null hypothesis that the interest rate differential is an independently and identically distributed (iid) variable with zero mean and constant variance.