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BBRBroken Bow Records (Nashville, TN)
BBRBleu, Blanc, Rouge (French: Blue, White, Red)
BBRBattery Backed Ram
BBRBroadband Router
BBRBackbone Ring
BBRBad Block Reported
BBRBasic Backup and Recovery
BBRBrodie Britain Racing
BBRBending Beam Rheometer (website)
BBRBlonde, Brunette, Redhead
BBRBina Buana Raya (shipping company; Indonesia)
BBRBlack Berry Recordings (Japan)
BBRBureau of Business Research
BBRBaby Back Ribs
BBRBotrytis Bunch Rot (grape disease)
BBRBurnt Beyond Repair
BBRBranch Bark Ridge (trees)
BBRBlack Body Radiation (quantum physics)
BBRBroad Branch Road (Carnegie Institution for Science; Washington, DC)
BBRBack Bone Ring
BBRBubble Bath Records (record label)
BBRBelgische Bond voor Rijwieltoerisme (Dutch: Belgian Association for Bicycle Tourism; Belgium)
BBRBasisbedrijvenregister (Dutch: Basic Business Register)
BBRBuffalo Bills Review
BBRBook to Bill Ratio
BBRBehavior-Based Retrieval
BBRBurnt Beyond Recognition (band)
BBRBibliothèque Braille Romande (French: Romande Braille Library; Switzerland)
BBRBorrowing Base Report (banks)
BBRBillet Base Review (US DoD)
BBRBroken Beyond Repair
BBRBayou Business Review (Louisiana)
BBRBibasilar Rales (lungs)
BBRBundle Branch Reentrant
BBRBad Boy Records (record label)
BBRBabcock-Brown Boveri Reaktor
BBRBandwidth Blocking Ratio
BBRBankers' Buying Rate (airline code)
BBRBig Band de Roanne (Roanne, France)
BBRBluebeat Remedy (band)
BBRBurstable Bit Rate
BBRBroadband Rangers (Americas Army gaming clan)
BBRBrie-Axe Betterave Rugby (France)
BBRBlack Beauty Ranch
BBRBlinded by Rage (band)
BBRBadland Bombing Range
BBRBranch-By-Release (configuration management model)
BBRBack Bouncing Rod (fishing rod)
BBRBlonde, Brune, Rousse (French: Blonde, Brunette, Redhead)
References in classic literature ?
The sextant and chronometer had both been broken beyond repair, and they had been broken just this very night.
The bronze looking statue was one of four just donated by Nuneaton's George Eliot Hospital and has been broken beyond repair.
GODless Environmentalism: The Failure of Environmental Protection and Our Hidden Power to Save the Planet" describes a system of environmental protection that is broken beyond repair yet somehow self-perpetuating.
Quite rightly, many will be asking whether it is broken beyond repair.
So by living as if school doesn't exist, life learners are not opting out of society; we are merely recognizing that the current system is broken beyond repair and helping to build something better--for our own families and others.
A letter sent to the new Ministry of Rationing and Supply at that time, by an office clerk whose summer shoes were broken beyond repair, shows the severity of the rationing measures: The clerk had money to buy new shoes but not enough points, she complained, and was forced to wear her heavy winter boots year-round.
While Amy pieces together a mystery that forces her to make a life-changing decision, Elder tries to save a ship and society that may be broken beyond repair.
The history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will reveal much more than how the Holy Land was torn apart; it will also feature how the Palestinians' struggle for freedom and independence became the Achilles' heel of an international system of governance that has become broken beyond repair.
We checked the condition of every single tile but, as a result of their exposure to the elements, many were broken beyond repair and the rest could not be restored back to their original beauty," said Mr.
The fragile relationship between Geoff Moss and Ian Roberts and the Racecourse faithful has been seemingly broken beyond repair.
Georgene does not believe our health care system is broken beyond repair, but she does think it requires a major overhaul.
My problem is that the stock was broken beyond repair.