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BXBase Exchange (AAFES; US Air Force base retail store)
BXBronx (New York)
BXBronx (New York county)
BXBoston to Halifax (World War II convoy; US and Canada)
BXBase Register
BXBrand X
BXBroker Exchange (real estate)
BXBasic Armored Cable
BXBitch X Linux IRC Client
BXBuffered Crossbar
BXStandard Callsign for British Transport Police
BXB&X Corporation
BXBuilder Accessory
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Managers of the state-based ACA exchanges in some states have supported agents' efforts to enforce compensation agreements, and even to impose minimum agent and broker exchange plan sales compensation standards.
Currently 95% of all small and medium sized insurance transactions go through brokers' paper-based systems; that's why ChannelPoint isn't attempting to put insurers and consumers in touch directly through its Commerce Broker exchange and cut out the middleman.
Bswift has experience in handling public, private and broker exchanges and serving employer groups of all sizes.
If Israel can broker exchanges of prisoners and dead bodies with its enemies, then so can the UK.