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4 g/dL exceeded the handbook ranges and can be attributed to the known problems with the bromcresol green method.
Improved specificity of serum albumin determination and estimation of "acute phase reactants" by use of the bromcresol green reaction.
1,2) Many laboratory-based chemistry analyzers and clinic-based point-of-care analyzers now use the dye bromcresol green (BCG) in the quantitation of albumin.
The two commonly used laboratory methods for determining serum albumin values, bromcresol green (BCG) and bromcresol purple (BCP), have been reported to yield systematically different results (20).
Albumin is most commonly measured by dye-binding methods, particularly bromcresol green and bromcresol purple; currently, ~50% of laboratories use each method.
When we checked the accuracy of the Vitros "dry chemistry" bromcresol green (BCG) albumin method (Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics), the albumin assay used at our hospital, by analyzing our routine blood bank albumin solution (Octapharma), we found only 70% of the expected value.
Under these conditions, results of the bromcresol green (BCG) methods can be falsely inflated (9-15) and bromcresol purple-binding methods prone to falsely lowered results (16), although reagent manufacturers have adopted many variations of the dye-binding albumin methodology in an attempt to assure accuracy.
Plasma albumin (measured by bromcresol green on the Paramax RX analyzer) also decreased linearly with increasing concentrations of NaF, confirming that the change in hematocrit was not artifactual (Table 1).
The Hitachi measures albumin by monitoring the interaction between albumin and bromcresol green (BCG), a dye specific for albumin.