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BCPBBromochlorophenol Blue (chemistry)
BCPB1-Benzyl-2-Chloropyridinium Bromide
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The colorimetric assay is quantitative and relies on an extractable colored ion-pair complex of oseltamivir with Congo red or bromochlorophenol blue. The reverse-phase chromatographic assay uses an alkaline mobile phase with UV detection.
Because oseltamivir phosphate (Figure 1) possesses amine groups, the protonated form may act as a cationic site for anionic dyes such as Congo red and bromochlorophenol blue to produce colored ion-pairing complexes.
The contents of the entire capsule were deposited into a glass vial, and 32.8 mL of water (Congo red test) or 8.2 mL (bromochlorophenol blue test) of water was added.
Congo red and bromochlorophenol blue salt were evaluated for the colorimetric assay and prepared at a concentration of 1 mg/mL in water.
We determined the optimum pH for complex formation between oseltamivir and Congo red to be 4; the optimum pH for bromochlorophenol blue and oseltamivir was 6-7.
The greater slope associated with the Congo red curve relative to the bromochlorophenol blue curve in Figure 3 demonstrates a more sensitive assay.
Anionic dyes such as Congo red and bromochlorophenol blue form colored ion-pairing complexes with oseltamivir to produce a colored product extractable in ethyl acetate.