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BXNBromoxynil (cotton herbicide)
BXNBodrum, Turkey - Imsik Airport (Airport Code)
BXNBauxite and Northern Railway (Arkansas)
BXNBusiness Exchange Network
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They showed no correlation (Crop Booster biostimulant mixed with bromoxynil or MCPA) and improved efficacy against Amaranthus retroflexus (a mixture of Crop Booster or RR SoyBooster biostimulants with a glyphosate liquid) or a decrease in the efficacy against Setaria viridis (Crop Booster mixed with glyphosate and thiencarbazone-methyl).
bromoxynil + terbuthylazine at 144 g x [ha.sup.-1] + 400 g x [ha.sup.-1] at the 4-6 leaf stage, BBCH 14/16.
Second herbicide, Buctril SuperA(r) 600 EC (Bromoxynil + MCPA by Bayer Pakistan) @ 750 ml/hectare, was applied on December 29th 2015 as post emergence against broadleaf weeds.
Post-emergent weeds were controlled by applying Velocity (a.i.s bromoxynil, 210 g L and pyrasulfotole, 37.5 g [L.sup.-1], Bayer) at 670 mL [ha.sup.-1] with the adjuvant Hasten (a.i.s ethyl and methyl esters, 704 g [L.sup.-1], Victorian Chemicals) at 1% of spray volume.
Impact of an herbicide combination of bromoxynil and prosulfuron on soil microorganisms.
For example, Tobacco have been resistant to Bromoxynil herbicide and many other crops have been resistant to the glyphosate herbicide.
Results showed 30% decrease in bacterial population, 23.4% decline in actinomycetes population, 34% decrease in fungi population, 30% reduction in urease activity, 36% inhibition in dehydrogenase activity and 34% decline in alkaline phosphatase activity with bromoxynil herbicide application at 2250 mL ha-1 during the year 2011-2012.
Postemergence herbicides are utilized in some crops; examples include clethodim, used to control emerged grass weeds in many broadleaf vegetable crops, and oxyfluorfen and bromoxynil, used to control broadleaf weeds.
Wilcut, "Weed efficacy evaluations for bromoxynil, glufosinate, glyphosate, pyrithiobac, and sulfosate," Weed Technology, vol.
Maestro bromoxynil brands; Nuprid imidacloprid insectide; Champ/Champion copper fungicides; Agri-Mycin, Mycoshield and BlightBan bactericides; RiteWay, Typy, TypRus and RiteSize PGRs
Bromoxynil is a nitrile herbicide, widely used in the region for annual weed control.
Use of chemical herbicides, such as chlorimuron ethyl, glyphosate, atrazine, ametryn, bromoxynil, and metsulfuron, are known to be very effective in controlling this weed.