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Artery n-number of isolated cases Right intercostobronchial 157 (93) Right bronchial 45 (19) Left bronchial 55 (23) Common bronchial 97 (56) Right intercostal 36 (4) Left intercostal 28 (7) Right internal mammary artery 9 (1) Left internal mammary artery 23 (9) Right lateral thoracic 6 (0) Left lateral thoracic 16 (1) Right cervicothoracic 4 (1) Left cervicothoracic 10 (5) Right inferior phrenic 8 (4) Left inferior phrenic 1 (1) Artery with variant anatomy 5 (2) Anomalous artery 2 (2) Table 4: Comparison of outcome of bronchial artery embolization in various studies.
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Bronchial artery embolization was successful in controlling hemoptysis immediately in 330 of 344 patients (96%).
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