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In the past two decades, two bases near San Antonio, Brooks Air Force Base and Kelly Air Force Base, were closed.
The animals were ejected at speeds up to Mach 1.6 at 45,000 feet in the tests, which took place in 1961 at Brooks Air Force Base in Texas.
Air Force School of Aviation Medicine, Brooks Air Force Base, Texas, and internationally known authority on zero-g research, told SCIENCE SERVICE.
Founded in 1952 to serve Randolph Air Force Base and shortly after, Brooks Air Force Base, the cooperative still has strong ties to the military community even though it has since expanded to serve more than 1,900 select groups and eight underserved communities in the San Antonio and Austin areas.
Brooks Air Force Base, TX:Occupational and Environmental Health Directorate).
After the examination Sam will be flown to Brooks Air Force Base, Texas, where he was born 30 months ago and subsequently trained.
In Orme's study, data was collected from testing more than 5,600 participants over a five-year period at Brooks Air Force Base in San Antonio, Tex.
797-FDF3-03-0002, for the upgrade and replacement of hyperbaric chambers at Brooks Air Force Base (AFB) in Texas.
Additionally, an analysis by the Human Effects Center of Excellence at Brooks Air Force Base, Texas, provided medical data recommendations supporting the weapon's safe employment.
The data used in this study was collected during experiments done several years ago at Brooks Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas (1).
The Air Force Research Laboratory at Brooks Air Force Base in Texas has conducted its own sleep and fatigue research under what is known as the Warfighter Fatigue Countermeasures program.