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BASICBeginner's All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
BASICBritish American Security Information Council
BASICBrothers And Sisters In Christ
BASICBeginner'S Allpurpose Symbolic Instruction Code
BASICBackground Affiliation Status Information Center (National Futures Association)
BASICBroad Area Surveillance Intelligence Capability
BASICBritish American Scientific International Commercial (simplified form of the English language which consisted of only 850 words; usage peaked in the 1930s)
BASICBroad Area Space-based Imagery Collector
BASICBaltimore Activity Scale for Intermittent Claudication (medical questionnaire)
BASICBay Area Shared Information Consortium
BASICBlack Action Strategies and Information Center
BASICBody Armor Set, Individual Countermine
BASICBecoming A Soldier in Christ
BASICBritish Association of Sport in Colleges (UK)
BASICBase Access Service Information Center
BASICBattle Area Surveillance & Integrated Communications
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Interpreting the text in light of "universal siblinghood," his term for the doctrine in which all humans are brothers and sisters in Christ - and therefore, he maintains, all sexual intercourse incestuous - Shell proposes that the sinful soul, bound by what Elizabeth translates as "concupiscence," is enslaved by desire for incest.
We treat homosexuals with sensitivity when we show good will towards them, when we condemn all violence against them, when we avoid all derogatory remarks and labels, when we support them in all that is right and just, when we regard them as brothers and sisters in Christ.
By Jesus' Incarnation, we--all of us--are brothers and sisters in Christ.