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BMRBasal Metabolic Rate
BMRBare Metal Recovery (computing)
BMRBelow Market Rate
BMRBacklog of Maintenance Repair
BMRBare Metal Restore (reformatting a computer from scratch after a catastrophic failure)
BMRBacteries Multiresistantes (French)
BMRBrecon Mountain Railway (Wales, UK)
BMRBureau of Mineral Resources (Australia)
BMRBio-Medical Research Ltd. (Galway, Ireland)
BMRBrown Midrib
BMRBare Machine Recovery (IBM)
BMRBritish Music Rights
BMRBroadband Multimedia-Service-Router
BMRBiblioteca Marcel Roche (Spanish: Marcel Roche Library; Venezuela)
BMRBureau of Market Research (South Africa)
BMRBaseline Monitoring Report
BMRBasic Military Requirements
BMRBallistic Magnetoresistance
BMRBase Mortgage Rate
BMRBlue Moon Rising
BMRBudget Monitoring Report (various locations)
BMRBlindado Medio de Ruedas (Spanish manufactured light armored vehicle)
BMRBois Massif Reconstitué (French: Reconstituted Solid Wood; construction product)
BMRBuilders Marketing Resource, Inc. (DeBary, FL)
BMRBurst-Mode Receiver
BMRBalancing, Modernization and Replacement (Pakistan)
BMRBoulder Mountain Ranch
BMRBearingless Main Rotor
BMRBuilding Maintenance Repairer (various locations)
BMRBlue Mountain Region
BMRBlind Movie Reviewer (radio station guest)
BMRBodega Marine Reserve (California)
BMRBiological Magnetic Resonance
BMRBathmaster Reglazing Ltd.
BMRBrain-Mind Research
BMRBatch Manufacturing Record
BMRBlue Mesa Review
BMRBibliothèque Municipale de Rouen (French: Rouen Public Library; University of Rouen; Rouen, France)
BMRBureau of Mine Reclamation
BMRBentonite Mud Remover
BMRBlind Man's Rainbow
BMRBody Magnetic Resonance (radiology)
BMRBase-line Monitoring Report
BMRBiomedical Management Resources
BMRBatch Mode Release
BMRBull Moose Republicans
BMRBi-Weekly Mortgage Reduction
BMRBig Man Run
BMRBlack Mark Remover
BMRBald Mountain Rounders (band)
BMRBusiness Management Representative
BMRBaseline Module Requirement
BMRBattle Tech Master Rules (gaming)
BMRBaltic Match Race
BMRBlack Monopoly Records
BMRBasic Microcomputing Resource
BMRBasic Mission Ready
BMRBelieving Magic Resistance
BMRBelgisch Militair Register
BMRBagheera Murena Rancho (French car club)
BMRBasic Mission Report
BMRBureau Maitrise des Risques (French: Risk Management Office)
BMRBullseye Marketing Research, Inc.
BMRBearing Missile Relative
BMRBrigade Mobile Reserve
BMRBeguelyn Moto Racing (French motorcycle dealer)
BMRBase Metal Repair (valve/pipe weld repair method)
BMRBalnéothérapie Massages Rééducation (French: Hydrotherapy Massage Rehabilitation)
BMRBehaviour Modification Regime (New Zealand Department of Corrections)
BMRBroderie, Mercerie, Retouches (French embroidery company)
BMRBudget Mensualisé Révisable (French: Reviewable Monthly Budget; Euromaster)
BMRBachelor of Mental Retardation
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Performance of steers grazing sudangrass (Sorghum sudanense) or brown midrib (BMR) sorghum (Sorghum vulgare) during summer.
Brown midrib mutations were discovered in the 1920s in maize plants, which showed reddish-brown pigmentation of the leaf midrib [307].
In separate yield trials comparing Atlas bmr-12 to commercial hybrids at Lincoln and Ithaca in 2003, Atlas bmr-12 was not statistically different in yield at the P = 0.05 probability level when compared to commercial brown midrib hybrids of similar maturity class under dryland conditions, and not statistically different in yield P - 0.05 from four of five commercial brown midrib hybrids of similar maturity class under irrigated conditions.
Keywords: brown midrib corn silage, conventional corn silage, dry matter disappearance kinetics, dairy cows.
Effects of brown midrib 3 mutation in corn silage on productivity of dairy cows fed two concentrations of dietary neutral detergent fiber: 1.
The genetic stocks were developed by crossing the recurrent parents Atlas, Kansas Collier, Rox Orange, and Early Hegari-Sart to brown midrib sources N121 (bmr-6) and F220 (bmr-12, donated to our project by the late Robert Kalton), followed by a minimum of four cycles of selfing and backcrossing.
The genetic stocks were developed by crossing the recurrent parents Wheatland, Redlan, RTx430, BTx623, BTx630, and BTx631 to the brown midrib sources N121 (bmr-6) and F220 or F324 (bmr-12, donated to our project by the late Robert Kalton).
Brown midrib mutations in sorghum were induced by Porter et al.
Brown midrib gene effects and gene x line effects were significant for maturity and height.
Brown midrib lines had lowered grain, stover, and fodder yields (averaged 77, 90, and 84% of normal lines, respectively), a 10% reduction in average seedling dry weight, and a 15% reduction in dry matter accumulation across the growing season (Miller et al., 1983; Miller and Geadelmann, 1983).