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BRUBabies R Us (Toys R Us Inc.)
BRUBus Riders Union
BRUBug Reporting Utility
BRUBackup and Restore Utility
BRUBranch Unconditionally
BRUBulk Rename Utility (file renaming software)
BRUBackup & Restore Utility
BRUBank Restructuring Unit
BRUBankruptcy Restriction Undertaking (UK)
BRUBrussels, Belgium - National (Airport Code)
BRUBetter Regulation Unit (Hong Kong)
BRUBomb Release Unit
BRUBoresight Reticle Unit(s)
BRUBlanket Routine Uses (US government)
BRUBattery Regulation Unit
BRUBe Right Up
BRUBarostatic Release Unit
BRUBromide Urine
BRUBoat Repair Unit
BRUBiosurgical Research Unit (UK)
BRUBattery Replaceable Unit
BRUBiotechnology Research Unit (various locations)
BRUBlood Recovery Unit
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In connection with the kidnapping of two Mizos, the Mizo youths and YMA (Young Mizo association) have threatened the Bru people.
Describing Irn Bru as as an "iconic Scottish product", Salmond wrote: "Both the European Food Safety Authority and also our Food Standards Agency consider that a 20 mg/l limit poses no risk to consumer health.
In addition, archives are backward compatible with all previous BRU Server versions and are recoverable by any BRU product, on any platform BRU supports.
As Ormond explains, the BRU uses transit as a starting point for further engaging people on political issues.
BRU, BRU Producer's Edition, BRU Server, bruAPP, ArGest, TOLIS Tape Tools, bruCLONE, BRU Desktop and BRU Workstation are trademarks of TOLIS Group.
On 15 February, the Bru Coordination Committee submitted its demands to the Union Home Ministry for the return of the Brus displaced in November 2009.
We are concerned that this sets up the conditions for MTA to claim the only way to balance the budget in the future is to make bus riders pay with service cuts and fare increases,'' the BRU statement said.
All ArGest units are 6GB SAS and come with the listed disk storage, LTO-5 or LTO-6 (beginning Jan/13) tape drive, ATTO Technologies ExpressSAS H680 HBA (R680 RAID configuration also available), SAS cables, Media, Cleaning Cartridge, BRU PE 3.
The Mizoram Bru Displaced People's Forum (MBDPF), an orgaisation of the Bru tribal refugees, has demanded immediate intervention of the Centre to resolve the ongoing ethnic crisis in Mizoram and repatriation of the displaced Bru people.
And the recent Snowman advert clearly targets children in an irresponsible manner as a standard Irn Bru has 33g of sugar per can, and the cartoon is designed to appeal to the younger viewer.
However, the BRU doesn't share the view of the consent decree's special master and wants the court's oversight through consent decree extended by at least four more years.
LTFS is a natural extension to BRU PE and provides an additional mechanism for archiving entertainment media," said Bob Christ, TOLIS Group executive vice president.