BSMPBlade System Management Processor
BSMPBlu-Sky Mine Productions (New Zealand)
BSMPBalanced Scorecard Master Professional (various locations)
BSMPBus Safety Management Program (American Public Transit Association)
BSMPBristol Sharon Marie Palin, LLC (consulting firm; est. 2009)
BSMPBalance Sheet Management Plan (corporate finance)
BSMPBilling, Shipping, Marking or Packing
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To improve the hemostatic efficiency of BSMPs, explore its hemostatic mechanism, and determine the best size range for hemostasis, we characterized BSMPs into different size ranges (350-250, 250-180,180-125,125-75, and <75 [micro]m), by means of scanning electron microscope and Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy in conjunction with physical characterization measurements.
When anticoagulant blood was added to the BSMPs, a coagulum formed significantly faster in the BSMPs (350-250 [micro]m) than in the other groups (Figure 2).
To further study the hemostatic mechanisms of BSMPs, we observed blood/BSMP aggregation formation under a stereoscope (Figures 3(a) and 3(b)).
As particle sizes decreased, hemostatic effects of BSMPs were attenuated as shown in Figures 5(b) and 5(c).
striata Micron Particles (BSMPs) spur hemostatic modes of action by forming a visible particle/blood aggregate as a physical barrier that gives rise to homeostasis.
BSMPs, in addition to stopping bleeding, offer anti-inflammatory properties and promote wound healing.
The present study demonstrates that the facile production of BSMPs can show promise as an effective hemostatic agent.
Caption: Figure 1: (a) SEM images of surface structures of BSMPs of various sizes ((A) 350-250 [micro]m; (B) 250-180 [micro]m; (C) 180-125 [micro]m; (D) 125-75 [micro]m; (E) <75 [micro]m;).
(a) Photographs of the BSMPs under a stereoscope (Scale Bar = 2 mm).
Caption: Figure 5: The hemostatic effect of the BSMPs evaluated by the rat tail amputation model.
As usual, the times needed for routing full h-relations using the BSPlib DRMA function bsp_hpput and the BSMP function bsp_send are depicted, as well as the times needed for performing scatter operations.