BSSRDFBidirectional Surface Scattering Reflectance Distribution Function (computer graphics)
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These methods determine the reflectance coefficient by fitting the measured reflectance distribution to the BSSRDF, a rendering model that takes into account optical characteristics [10].
We then substituted the right hand term of (2) with [[sigma].sub.a] in the BSSRDF equation.
For instance, for a representative dipole model, BSSRDF showed that the distribution of radiance becomes inversely proportional to the distance from the light [13].
The rendering results of BSSRDF showed a reduction in light when the location of the light source was further away from the location of each area [10].
Figure 7 presents the results of (a) Ward's BRDF [15], (b) the layered Oren-Nayar method [24], (c) Chang's texture space BSSRDF [25], and (d) the proposed real-time subsurface scattering.