BuAcButyl Acetate
BuAcBoston Urban Asthma Coalition (Dorchester, MA)
BuAcBritish Universities Accommodation Consortium (UK)
BuAcBrown University Activities Council (Providence, RI)
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In the motion of reconsideration filed Friday, Buac's legal counsel Emil Maraaon III pointed out that Barangay Bagumbayan in the first district of Taguig is not Cayetano's "domicile of origin" but only his "domicile of choice.
Buac claimed Cayetano committed misrepresentation when he used the address in their ancestral home in 209 Paso St., Brgy.
GISTs y melanoma (Nadalin et al, 2014; Schadde et al, 2014a; Ratti et al.; Rochet et al.; Zhang et al, 2014; Hasselgren et al, 2015; Lang et al, 2015; Truant et al, 2015; Vivarelli et al, 2015; Buac et al.; Bjornsson et al, 2016a; Rosok et al, 2016); todo lo cual, debe estar en relacion con la existencia de un higado remanente menor de 25% a 30% (higados sanos) y menor de 40% (higados colestasicos, esteatosicos, con fibrosis, o con cambios patologicos secundarios a quimioterapia (Nadalin et al.; Ratti et al.; Zhang et al.; Buac et al.).
Control Group (without DMH treatment) formed by: Sub-group 1 (without treatment n=10) and Subgroup 2 (supplemented with BuAc n=20).
Neal-Dra Osgood, co-author of the study and project director of the Strengthening Voices Project at BUAC, said: "This study helps us understand which population is hit the hardest by this chronic disorder and helps direct our community efforts."
But in a motion for reconsideration, Emil Maranon III, Buac's legal counsel, pointed out that the spouses have different addresses written on their certificates of candidacy.
The poll body said Buac had failed to prove that Cayetano committed any "material misrepresentation" concerning the residency that he declared in his certificate of candidacy.
Buac noted that the law mandates them to fix one matrimonial domicile or residence, as well as obliges them to live there together.
Order Group Compounds (a) Short Carbon name numbers 1 Aldehyde Acetaldehyde AA 2 2 Propionaldehyde PA 3 3 Butyraldehyde BA 4 4 Isovaleraldehyde IA 5 5 n-Valeraldehyde VA 5 6 Aromatic Benzene B 6 7 Toluene t 7 8 Styrene S 8 9 p-Xylene p-X 8 10 m-Xylene m-X 8 11 o-Xylene o-X 8 12 Carboxylic Propionic acid PPA 3 13 (volatile n-Butyric acid bta 4 14 fatty acid) i-Valeric acid IVA 5 15 n-Valeric acid VLA 5 16 Ketone Methyl ethyl ketone MEK 4 17 Methyl isobutyl ketone MIBK 6 18 Alcohol Isobutyl alcohol i-BuAl 4 19 Ester n-Butyl acetate BuAc 6 Order Group MW Density Boiling (g[mol.
In a petition filed in November 2018, Leonides Buac questioned the claim of Cayetano that he is a resident of Barangay Bagumbayan in the city's first district, while Lani lives in Barangay Fort Bonifacio in the second district, noting that it was not in accordance with Article 69 of the Family Code which states that the husband and wife shall fix the family domicile.
Last November, petitioner Leonides Buac, filed separate petitions to deny due course or cancel the COCs of husband and wife Alan and Lani Cayetano, who are both running for congressman.
A Leonides Buac Jr., a Taguig City resident, filed separate cases at the Commission on Election (Comelec) against former senator and Foreign Affairs Sec.