BuAerBureau of Aeronautics (US Navy)
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(54) Many viewed the exercises that would then be conducted not simply as tests of the skills of gunners but as a way to settle a dispute between BUAER and BUORD regarding the overall efficacy of antiaircraft weapons.
BUAER, meanwhile, searched for an aviator qualified in aerodynamics and capable of supervising the radio equipment R&D.
In 1938, the chief of BUAER sent congratulations to the chief of BUENG on the performance of NRL equipment in drone tests.
The third aircraft from Lrip-III (c/n 90025, BuAer 165839), which had been delivered to the Marine Corps in 2001, was later converted to become the first CV-22B (serial 99-0021), which included substituting different radios and adding a terrain-following radar.
Caption: Proximity trials to assess the Osprey's tanker potential employed MV-22B BuAer 165942, c/n 0043, registration N204TR from Marine Tiltrotor Test & Evaluation Squadron VMX-22 Argonauts based at Mcas New River, North Carolina.
4, box 4025, file NP11, Bureau of Aeronautics, General Correspondence, 1925-42, Record Group 72, National Archives [hereafter cited as BuAer, Gen.
BuAer produced an "outline specification" for what became the AJ Savage carrier bomber in January 1946.
Navy's Bureau of Aeronautics had watched the progress of the RN's work, and he knew that engineers in BuAer were interested in it.
20, 1927, BuAer Correspondence; Log Book USS Lexington, entry for Mar.
Caption: The first of two Northrop Grumman MQ-4C Triton development aircraft, BuAer No 168457, is shown on its maiden flight on May22,2013.
The Tophatters' ever-changing role and squadron designation was the topic of the following submission from what was then VB-2B published in the 15 April 1937 issue of the BUAER News Letter (now Naval Aviation News):
In 1939, he was transferred to the Navy's Bureau of Aeronautics (BUAER) in Washington, D.C., predecessor of NAVAIRSYSCOM.