BuXIBauhinia Ungulata Factor Xa Inhibitor
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Direct and indirect effects of imidacloprid on fecundity and abundance of Eurytetranychus buxi (Acari: Tetranychidae) on boxwoods.
Kamran Buxi informed that the WHR pilot project was introduced in Punjab and Sindh provinces while it would be extended across the country to develop the storage infrastructure.
Attn:DTET Conference Hall Killa Maidan Buxi Bazar Cuttack
Tenders are invited for Emergent restoration to damaged left embankment slip on r s near asok patra house of buxi mouza amdan caused due to progress of heavy rainfall in last two monthsunder dobandy i section of panskura i sub division no.
The legend of the heroics of Buxi Jagabandhu continues to inspire the people of Odisha.