BuXIBauhinia Ungulata Factor Xa Inhibitor
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The legend of the heroics of Buxi Jagabandhu has always inspired the people of Odisha and it's time that this struggle and sacrifice by a generation of Odia people got its due place in the annals of history," Vipul added.
The internal reinforcement of the first-stage slab is equipped with a single layer of steel mesh along the middle layer, such as that of Buxi Power Station.
Direct and indirect effects of imidacloprid on fecundity and abundance of Eurytetranychus buxi (Acari: Tetranychidae) on boxwoods.
Kamran Buxi informed that the WHR pilot project was introduced in Punjab and Sindh provinces while it would be extended across the country to develop the storage infrastructure.
In the process, we identified 16 Bazaars where there was a greater concentration of artisans such as (1) Alisha bazaar (2) Bangali sahi1 (3) Bania sahi (4) Bholamian bazaar (5) Buxi bazaar (6) Chandni chhowk (7) Chauliaganj (8) Chowdhury bazaar (9) Dagarpada (10) Durgha bazaar (II) Firing bazaar (12) Kaji bazaar (13) Mahamadia bazaar (14) Mansingh patna (15) Shaikh bazaar (16) Tulasipur.
Esta alta densidad de poros nucleares en las celulas nutricias, tambien se ha observado en otras especies de Coccoidea como en el caso de Aspidiotus hederae Bouche (Ksiazkiewicz 1980), Dysmicoccus newsteadi Green, Kermes quercus Linnaeus, Eriococcus buxi Fonsolombe, Gossyparia spuria Modeer, Cryptococcus fagisuga Lindiger, Pseudochermes fraxini Kaltenbach (Szklarzewicz 1998a), Porphyrophora polonica (L.) (Szklarzewicz 1998b) y en P.
Typification and description of Tiphula buxi. Mycotaxon 100: 27-35.
Ten years ago we would have suggested Volutella Box Blight, caused by the fungus Volutella buxi, and at the time there had only been one fungus identified as responsible.
This year marks the 200th anniversary the 1817 Rebellion led by Buxi Jagabandhu of Khorda district against the British.
The noise levels were measured following standard procedure using calibrated sound level (dB) meter in between the month of May and June, 2011 at seventeen important and crowded squares (road sections) of Cuttack (Link road square, Buxi bazar square, College square, Naya bazar square, Chandini Chowk square, OMP square, Chandi mandir square, Sati chaura square, Dolamundai square, Ranihat square, Badambadi square, Mangalabag square, Choudhury bazar square, High court square, Balu bazar square) (Shelter square and Biju Pattanaik square) (Stephenson et al., 2011; Al-Ghonamy, 2010; Ghatass, 2009; Ozer et al., 2009; Szeremeta and Zannin, 2009; Zannin and Marcon, 2006; Piccolo et al., 2005; Yang and Kang, 2005; Yusoff and Ishak, 2005).
Kishor K , Marwah S, Buxi G, Yadav RB, Chaturvedi NK.
Furthermore, Prime Minister Modi issued Paika Rebellion Commemorative Stamp and Coin and established Buxi Jagabandhu Research Chair at Utkal University.