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BUCBlock Up Converter (satellite component)
BUCBibliothèque Universitaire Centrale (French: Central University Library; various universities)
BUCBusiness Use Case (software engineering)
BUCBusiness Unit Controller
BUCBesançon Université Club (French: Besançon University Club; Besançon, France)
BUCChief Builder (Naval Rating)
BUCBlessed/Uncursed/Cursed (NetHack)
BUCBrest Université Club (French university sports group)
BUCBus Unit Controller
BUCBulk Unitization Charges (shipping)
BUCBunker Contribution
BUCBrothers Under Christ (Christian fraternity)
BUCBuckhorn California
BUCBackup Concentrator
BUCBack Up Computer
BUCBack Up Controller
BUCBackup Commanding
BUCBack Up Converter
BUCBlood Urea Concentration (nephrology)
BUCBilling Unit Code
BUCBusiness Unit Contribution
BUCBilan Universitaire de Compétences (French: Academic Skills Assessment)
BUCBergen University College (Norway)
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Mission Microwave's 25 Watt Ku Band Cube BUC is already deployed on customer terminals and will be on exhibit integrated into small antenna offerings from multiple vendors at Satellite 2018 in Washington, DC on March 13 -15 and also at Convergence India on March 7 -9 in New Delhi, India.
19] TIP30 shows a positive effect in inhibiting cancer development and progression; however, its role in BUC has not previously been investigated.
Into this divisive environment arrives the timely new monograph by the medieval historian Philippe Buc.
BUC took a deserved lead after dominating much of the possession.
Once Herm [the assistant coach] got the grounds staff to strategically place rat traps behind our desks--and to check and empty them as necessary--One Buc seemed fairly hygienic as well.
Joanna Buc, 8; Joanna Buc, 40; Jason Buc, 10; Jason Buc, 40; DANGER: Fatty diet will age you
Hooters Air has partnered with Buc Fan Tours to run a flight to New Orleans for Tampa Bay Buc Fans travelling to see the New Orleans Saints football game on 7 December 2003.
He kept a framed motto on his desk -- 'The Buc stops here.
People did go down the street and were proud to be Buc fans.
Besides the endless furniture, doors and windows, shopfronts and fittings, Vol 2 covers the flying club at Buc and the first prefabricated houses and barracks.
The `ambiguity' of the title is the lack of a single system or ideology to be found therein, an ambiguity which Buc believes is inherent in any society; the `book' is the Bible, progenitor of the vocabulary and the `grammar' in which medieval thinkers framed their political ideas.
While not completely rejecting this, Buc argues that acceptance came only after a long intellectual struggle, with many exegetes fighting strongly for the negative concept of power as domination.