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B&DBondage and Discipline
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B&DBusiness & Decision
B&DBondage and Domination
B&DBrailsford & Dunlavey (program management firm; Washington, DC)
B&DBuck and Doe
B&DBlau & Deighton (zeppelin authors)
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From the time a buck and doe meet until successful breeding takes place normally is about 36 hours.
Think back to areas where you've seen a buck and doe obviously paired up during the peak breeding season.
If you see a buck and doe pair off and hole up, plan your stalk and get right after them.
They didn't expect to see the buck again that day, but when they started scouting nearby they ran into the same buck and doe in another patch of cover.
It's the rut and you have sneaked within 30 yards of a bedded buck and doe paired off for breeding, but there is no shot.
Minutes after pulling up my bow, the same buck and doe reappeared and bedded down 75 yards away.
Also look for Young Buck and Doe 'P' scents (Real Scent Deer Farm, 717/436-8637, www.realscent.com).
Hunter's Specialties New Hands Free True Talker Deer call allows hunters to make highly realistic buck and doe sounds while remaining motionless.
LITTLE IS WRITTEN about the proliferation of commercial deer scents, yet every whitetail hunter in the world seems to use scents, and the selection is infinite: real and synthetic scents; buck and doe aromas; fresh and aged products; heated and cold scents; scents for the prerut, rut, postrut, and all season; solid, water, liquid, gel, powder, smoke, and aerosol scents.
Wall Hanger gel contains buck urine, estrous urine, and buck and doe glands and musks.
I believe the buck and doe end up in these places because they are not disturbed here.
After the buck and doe ran off I sat there shaking and sulking.