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BOBody Odor
BOBox Office
BOBologna (Emilia Romagna, Italy)
BOBulletin Officiel (French)
BOBig O (anime)
BOBest Offer
BOBusiness Object
BOBochum (Germany)
BOBusiness Office
BOBack Office
BOBusiness Opportunity
BOBoletín Oficial (Spanish: Official Gazette; Argentina)
BOBarack Obama (44th US president)
BOBinary Option (trading)
BOBlue October (band)
BOBiarritz Olympique (French rugby team)
BOBattery Operated
BOBanco de Occidente (Spanish: Western Bank; Honduras)
BOBranch Office
BOBreak Off
BOBattle Orders (Diablo 2 game)
BOBack Order
BOBiological Opinion
BOBack Orifice (trojan horse utility)
BOBiodiversity Offsetting (conservation)
BOBlack Organization (Detective Conan)
BOBilling Official (US DoD)
BOBuzz Off
BOBoom Operator (USAF in-flight refueling)
BOBlood Omen (game)
BOBody Odour (gaming group)
BOBarrel of Oil (oil and gas exploration)
BOBowled Over
BOBuild Order
BOBloc Opératoire (French: Operating Room)
BOBlocked Out
BOBronchiolitis Obliterans
BOBad Order
BOBus Operator
BOBreakout Box
BOBang and Olufsen
BOBridge Officer (gaming)
BOBinary Output
BOBoletim de Ocorrência (Accident Report; Brazil)
BOBucked Off (rodeo)
BOBoarding Officer
BOBilans Otwarcia (opening balance)
BOBuyer's Option
BOBenefits Office
BOBlack Ore (Lineage 2 game)
BOBase Order
BOBusy Out
BOBrain Overload
BOBottom Opened (can collectors)
BOBeneficial Occupancy
BOBudget Obligations
BOBudget Outlay
BOBinary to Octal
BOBorn Organized
BOBattle Operations
BOBruto Oppervlakte (Dutch: Gross Area)
BOBonus Objective (gaming)
BOBlocking Oscillator
BOBench Order
BOBase-Out Prism
BOBloody Orchid (Lineage 2 game)
BOBranch on Overflow (IBM)
BOBowel Opening (anatomy)
BOBarring Order
BOBooster Orbiter
BOBorrow Output (electrical circuits)
BOBit Oxide
BOBeat Oscillator
BOBachelor of Oratory
BOBranch on Ones (IBM)
BOBuffer Overflow/Overrun
BOBearing Observed
BOBom Pra Otário (Brazil)
BOBourget-Opéra (French)
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"But I've been thrown off and bucked off enough not to be over-confident.
Thin steel with a small-diameter screw through its center is a weak link waiting to break in the wilderness where being bucked off a horse; falling on hard, rocky ground; or, in my case, smacking the side of a fishing boat could easily--and frequently does--occur.
If you ever watched video of a cowboy who does not get bucked off, you'll see he moves with the horse so as to minimize the G forces on his body.
He has been bucked off horses-which is why he knows them from "the ground up" and why he has a horseman's and an artist's conception of what a horse is supposed to look like and why his equine sculptures are coveted around the world.
"Morning exercise used to be down at the old stable block on the A93, it was just a field and everyone got bucked off," Peplinski said.
Clowns at bull riding events protect a fallen rider from the bull by distracting the creature, whether the rider has been bucked off or has jumped off the animal.
John and four-legged Jack and the Beanstalk co-star Omega were all pals after the actor was bucked off the stallion in front of a huge crowd on Friday.
"There have been a few times this year when I've had chances to capitalize and get a win and I've bucked off on the whistle," Clark said.
I've been clinging on to the rocket for dear life, hoping I don't get bucked off."
"We were riding 40 horses deep, galloping into battle and if you watch really closely in the movie you may be able to catch it, but I got bucked off and I fell under my horse," Contactmusic quoted her as telling E!
Ochocinco lasted just over a second before Deja Blu, which has bucked off seven of 12 riders this year including two-time World Champion Chris Shivers, spiked the NFL player like a game ball and stuck a hoof into him for good measure.
The bull, named Rewind, bucked off its rider and ran around the ring before jumping the barrier into the audience.