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The system is an ideal solution for venting of explosions in bucket elevators that are located within, or partially within, a building or a zoned area where normal venting cannot occur.
Commercial director of the Stourbridge company Andy Cox said: 'The Simplex bucket elevator is designed to offer great benefits to food processors and manufacturers.
Beumer Group recently introduced the Beumer Belt Position Monitoring System, an innovative, contactless technology for high-capacity bucket elevators.
Together with engineers from Cornpoppers, Gough's senior application engineers supplied a Swinglink Bucket Elevator and Electro Magnetic Vibratory Feeder with a support frame for the elevating and feeding process.
Often used together, the MoveMaster Chain Conveyor and Bucket Elevator utilize the "EnMasse" principle where bulk materials are induced to move like a liquid through a dust tight steel casing, which can be designed horizontally, on an inclined plane, vertically and around bends.
So Frazier Bulk, Galena, Mo., a company that designs and installs bulk material handling equipment and facilities, proposed a system that included two 30-ton silos and a 30-ton/hour bucket elevator to fill each silo.
After an evaluation of the operating requirements and facility layout, Frazier Bulk proposed a system that included two 30-ton silos and a 30-ton/hour bucket elevator to fill each silo.
In addition to the vertical roller mill, the grinding plant will also include: Plant equipment consisting of a bagfilter, fan, hot gas generator, bucket elevator, weigh feeder and two conveyors; feed system with de-duster and metal separator; various fabricated parts including a 20-ton silo, ducting, dampers and stack; instrumentation; and engineering services.
The carbon black was being fed pneumatically from the railcars into the infeed hopper of an enclosed bucket elevator. The elevator buckets scooped the material from the hopper and moved it up to a horizontal drag conveyor that was set up to distribute the material to the appropriate silos.