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DC Budd said as Hashi went past he struck him in the back of the leg with his baton causing him to stagger and fall.
Dave Mr Budd did not recall the comment attributed to him (that he told her at a meeting in 2015 that he seemed to recall being in a room when the previous mayor had undertaken, in a telephone call to a property developer, to ensure a price reduction in the purchase price of Acklam Hall).
And before the race was over Budd became a target for furious American crowds that deemed her the guilty party.
24 February 2016 - US-based facilities services company The Budd Group has acquired the business of Tennessee, US-based regional building service provider Cross Gate Services, Inc.
If Budd was intrigued by the water, he came by it from an early age.
A southeastern facilities services specialist, The Budd Group said the deal was a strategic move to expand its penetration of the southeastern market.
Budd said Rockford Construction was chosen based upon their experience with aquatic and recreation centers, popularity and lastly, price.
But yesterday, y Mrs Budd and her sister Monica Williams, 82, returned to Nazareth House in Cardiff, where they spent five years of their childhood.
Budd, 47, who lives in South Carolina, only told them the truth four years ago when she wanted to compete in the US.
Budd was already in the glare of the international spotlight after her application for British citizenship was fast-tracked earlier in the year, in time for her to compete at the Games.