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In 1997, for example, pursuant to the reconciliation directives contained in the FY1998 budget resolution, all eight committees instructed to submit to the House Budget Committee legislative recommendations changing existing law considered original legislative language as the markup text.
The Board of Governors okayed in April a recommendation from the Budget Committee to impose the late fee.
We're within six weeks of a budget being put into place and they're now saying they're $12 million short,'' said Councilman Bernard Parks, the head of the council's budget committee and a former LAPD chief.
The House Budget Committee included $516 million in the fiscal year 2003 budget blueprint to fund concurrent receipt.
The House Budget Committee last week, on a part-line vote, passed a $1.
Klug is working closely with House Budget Committee Chairman John Kasich (A-Ohio) to make sure that the fiscal 1996 budget, which is scheduled to be ready in early May, has spending caps for various agencies and departments so tight that the cost savings that come with privatization will start to make a lot of sense.
He drafted an alternative budget soon after the House Budget Committee passed its own.
Most recently, he served as Senior Consultant for the California State Assembly Republican Fiscal Committee, where his responsibilities included briefing the Vice Chair of the Assembly Budget Committee and Assembly Republican leadership on budget issues and fiscal bills pertaining to public financing, affordable housing, banking, taxation, economic development, privacy, telecommunications and energy policy.
Public Safety Coordinating Council Budget Committee - 11:30 p.
The extra budget earlier passed the Budget Committee of the lower house with a majority approval by the ruling parties.
In addition, the reconciliation directives include a deadline for the submission of legislative recommendations to the Budget Committee or the reporting of legislation directly to the Senate.