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The law-making organ of an LGU cannot pass the budget whose implementation will cause that in a particular budget year and in the year that follows the budget year, the relation of total amounts due in a particular budget year (3):
The workgroup also recommended that a reserve fund be established so courts and clerks have sufficient money to begin each budget year and smooth out month-to-month cash flows.
The daily did not give any figures for the total budget amount needed to cover imports of gasoline and diesel fuel during the Iranian budget year that ends next March.
The US treasury department said on Monday that the deficit in June totalled $94.3bn, pushing the nine-month total since the budget year started in October to $1.09 trillion.
This budget year will also see promotion of NZNO's centenary and more activity by sections and colleges.
The Bill represents about a quarter of the pounds 93 billion Mr Bush requested for combat operations in the 2008 budget year, which began on October 1.
The protests came as Congress began to consider Bush's request for $196.4 billion in supplemental appropriations for war-related operations this budget year. The Congressional Budget Office said Oct.
The money supply has been growing like a weed at the same time that the federal deficit is shrinking--$148.5 billion through the first eight months of budget year, down 34 percent from last year.
It is crucial to know what is expected of your department each budget year.
Besides pounds 46bn in additional money for this year's war operations and pounds 70bn in projected war costs for next year, the administration is seeking pounds 240.4bn to run the Defence Department in the budget year beginning on October 1.
ITEM: An Associated Press article in USA Today, entitled "Federal Deficit Now Lowest in 4 Years," reported on October 11: "The federal deficit fell to a four-year low in the budget year that just ended, a result President Bush pointed to Wednesday in claiming Republicans are better stewards of the economy than are Democrats."
The first is the 2005 Financial Report, outlining the main characteristics of implementation over the budget year and including an annex looking at the history of budget implementation back to 1957.