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BBEHBritish Bridal Exhibition Harrogate (semi-annual trade show; Harrogate, UK)
BBEHBuff-Bellied Hummingbird (bird species)
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Animals that Benefit: Green jay, chachalaca, ocelot, jaguarundi, red-crowned parrot, indigo snake, buff-bellied hummingbird
One hotel in particular, the Microtel, has put up a mounted hummingbird feeder for the resident buff-bellied hummingbird (Amazilia yucatanensis), enabling many a birder to add this "micro-bird' to their life list right on-site.
How does this buff-bellied hummingbird hold her nest together?
And what do you think of that "artistic" buff-bellied hummingbird below?
But after you've spotted a buff-bellied hummingbird and heard the gregarious cha-cha-lac of a flock of chachalacas, you'll know why the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas is considered a bird-watchers' paradise.
Other migratory birds known to frequent traditional coffee farms include the ovenbird, wood thrush, Baltimore oriole, ruby-throated and buff-bellied hummingbirds, swallow-tailed kite, Kentucky warbler, hermit warbler, painted bunting, greater pewee, chuck-will's-widow and short-tailed hawk.