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BPENBadan Pengembangan Ekspor Nasional (Indonesian: National Export Development Agency)
BPENBuilding Penetration
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This is expected to result in a new range of two way messaging devices with improved coverage, signal strength and building penetration, according to the company.
Air Sealing: One of the most cost effective measures involves air sealing the building envelope to eliminate air leaks from the building structure itself and from around windows, doors, electrical outlets, plumbing fixtures and all other building penetrations. Air sealing is usually done with commonly used caulking compounds and foam products.
The chief concern, Brown notes, was how best to "conceal and integrate modern technology into a historic structure." Building penetrations for power, mounting and the fixtures' visibility were important considerations.
All proper seals were installed to meet the National Electric Code and building penetrations were placed at a proper distance from the hazardous and nonhazardous rooms to conform with the A.G.A.
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