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BPENBadan Pengembangan Ekspor Nasional (Indonesian: National Export Development Agency)
BPENBuilding Penetration
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The keys to success are building penetration and loyalty.
With the LISA-C210 we are excited to be a leading provider for this very promising cellular technology which can deliver intelligent services to wide areas of population where cell density is low, said Dave Carey, VP Product Strategy, Cellular, CDMA450 s excellent propagation and building penetration characteristics combined with flexible cell size makes it an ideal solution for M2M applications in both urban and rural areas.
Building penetrations for power, mounting and the fixtures' visibility were important considerations.
All proper seals were installed to meet the National Electric Code and building penetrations were placed at a proper distance from the hazardous and nonhazardous rooms to conform with the A.
associated elements including controls, thermal insulation, asbestos management, building penetrations and making good, boxing of pipes, minor decorations and making good,
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