BULACBrown University Latino Alumni Council (Rhode Island)
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We are very proud to have the new Baha'i radio station in our community," said Gloria Santiago, chairwoman of the Bulac barangay council.
One influential Islamist writer, Ali Bulac, was highly critical of the reaction of the Virtue party because, in his view, the party had learned few lessons from the mistakes of the banned Welfare party.
Ali Bulac, the founder of Insan Publications in Istanbul, said recently:
2nd Lieutenant Jan Michael Jamelarin and a team of soldiers set up a dragnet along the road after receiving information about the transported logs, and managed to confiscate 300 board feet of Red Lauan, six motorcycles and an Isuzu Elf truck along Sitio Buasao in Sapang Bulac village.
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As a matter of fact the discussions on the "Testimonial of Medina" that Ali Bulac (10) initiated in the early 1990s carried significant clues concerning the broadness of Islamism's political horizon: to establish a public domain based on the principle of negotiation--an attempt which stemmed from the same sphere of habitus.
Michelangelo Guida, "The New Islamists' Understanding of Democracy in Turkey: The Examples of Ali Bulac and Hayreddin Karaman" [347-370]
For instance, Ali Bulac, who is one of the most influential Islamic scholars in Turkey, implying the Day of Resurrection, urged MPs to think of 'that day' before saying 'yes' or 'no' to the "edict of carnage.
Esteemed writer on both Islam and sociology Ali Bulac said: "Accusing [Yyldyrym] of managing a terrorist organization can't be explained with reason.
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In chapter seven, Tutuncu discusses, as described in the title, "Islamist Intellectuals and Women in Turkey", and she compares and contrasts the discourse of a "group of Islamist women" on women and feminism, which she describes as a "culturalist patriarchal Islamist discourse" (as represented by Ali Bulac, an acclaimed Muslim intellectual), and "instrumentalist Islamist discourse" (as nurtured by various religiously inclined people), and then proceeds to discuss the strength and limits of an Islamist women's discourse on "femininity, housewifery, patriarchy, justice, and equality" (p.
Ali Bulac / Cumali Eunal, TUNIS (Cihan/Today's Zaman) CyHAN