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BNTVBulgarian National Television
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Nurse Maria Klecherova told Bulgarian National Television that, at some hotels, tourists called the front desk for assistance and the hotels summoned illegal ambulances, "taking tourists who knows where".
Several days ago, the watchdog announced it would reduce the tariff by around 4% after it emerged that the concessionaire, water utility Sofiyska Voda, had failed to implement a part of the investment business plan, the Bulgarian National Television (BNT) reminded.
Speaking to Bulgarian National Television, Warlick said: "It is not about retribution, but it is a matter of securing a safer world for everyone of us.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel will talk with European Council President Donald Tusk and the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker, according to the Bulgarian National Television.
The call by Agriculture Minister Miroslav Naidenov coincided with reports of other foodstuffs soaring in price, notably two other Easter essentials - eggs and kozunak, the latter a sweet bread, reported by Bulgarian National Television to cost on average 10 per cent more than last year.
This was said by Deputy Mayor of Sofia Transport Evgeni Krussev before the Bulgarian National Television.
3 of the Law on Radio and Television, Bulgarian National Television provides broadcast national programs via satellite / companions on the cover of the territories of Europe and other continents, of which there are citizens of Bulgarian origin, according to the Agency for Bulgarians abroad and through our own research .
5 magnitude on the Richter scale, Sofia chief architect Petar Dikov said on a Bulgarian National Television morning talk show on March 15 2011.
For the 19th time the Bulgarian National Television and the Sofia Municipality organize the show "Stage under the Stars" at "Knyaz Alexander I" Square.
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