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Now that bulk nanostructured materials are moving from laboratory experimentation to commercial production, Valiev (physics of advanced materials, Ufa State Aviation Technical U., Russia), Zhilyaev (metals superplasticity, Russian Academy of Sciences), and Langdon (materials science, U.
Estrin et al., "The innovation potential of bulk nanostructured materials," Advanced Engineering Materials, vol.
As described in the nanomaterials roadmap developed by the chemicals industry, "nanomaterials by design" refers to the ability to employ scientific principles in deliberately creating structures (e.g., size, architecture) that deliver unique functionality and utility for target applications." (2) This research area will focus on the assembly of building blocks to produce nanomaterials in technically useful forms, such as bulk nanostructured materials, dispersions, composites, and spatially resolved, ordered nanostructures.
Selected by peer review for their quality and relevance to the conference, about 170 papers cover bulk nanostructured materials, characterizing ultrafine grained and nano-structured materials (UFGNSM), modeling and simulating them, nanobiomaterials, nanocoating and thin films, nanocomposites, nanoelectronic and magnetic materials, novel approaches, commercialization and industrial applications and energy applications.
The successes of reactive SPS in synthesizing bulk nanostructured materials can be further extended by the simultaneous synthesis and, joining of two materials [52] as well as by the manufacturing of nanostructured coatings [53-55].