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BRNBrunei (ISO Country code)
BRNBerne, Switzerland - Belp (Airport Code)
BRNBoard of Registered Nursing
BRNBusiness Referral Network (various locations)
BRNBig Results Now (Tanzania)
BRNBott Radio Network
BRNBranch Never
BRNBulk Richardson Number (meteorology)
BRNBusiness Registration Number
BRNBranch Line (railroad)
BRNBusiness Ready Networks
BRNBastille-République-Nations (French political publication)
BRNBelgian Recycle Network
BRNBéton Rationnel Normand (French concrete company)
BRNBlack Router Network
BRNBackbone Relay Network
BRNBordereau de Références Nominatives (French: Statement of Registered References; finance)
BRNBubba Radio Network, Inc
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Stable nights are characterized by low winds, development of strong surfacebased inversions, and positive and high Bulk Richardson number (a value of 0.
In the SBL, some definitions are based on the existence of a certain level of turbulence (criteria C1 and C2) evaluated from the bulk Richardson number (Garratt, 1982; Vogelezang and Holtslag, 1996).