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"Miles Davis saved my life." With these words, Rinaldi becomes a participant in a domestic drama that blows up right outside his front door, saved from a bullet to the brain by pure chance.
He would be tried for murder and face life in jail - but the alternative is a bullet to the brain from either the Hutches or the Kinahans."
He rose up to use his binoculars and was instantly killed by a bullet to the brain. Upon learning the African askaris had felled the great Selous, von Lettow-Vorbeck sent a note of condolence across the lines.
You are in a car speeding through Dublin towards the west year after year the journey uncoils past the same landmarks Kilmainham Jail strapped to a chair bullet to the brain on by the Rowntree Mackintosh factory where the black and yellow and orange and red fruit gums and sugar-covered pastilles spit out of humming machines through the streets by the Deadman's Inn where in the last century the cellar was a makeshift mortuary for corpses carried in from stagecoaches and a little further up the road the Spa Hotel perched on a hillside like some angular magpie on a branch.
Few people survive a bullet to the brain - just 10% - and some who do end up in a vegetative state.
He took a bullet to the brain and was put into an induced coma but vows to go back.
Acres of space devoted to a high court judge chewing the cud over the survival of Shambo, a possibly bovine TB-infested side of beef, caught in limbo between the confine sofa Welsh Hindu community in the aptly-named Llanpunsaint and vet's bullet to the brain.
THE ZOMBIEPHILES--that odd cohort of nerds, video game addicts, and mullet-headed grindhouse nostalgists who have made the flesh-eating zombie a central figure of modern culture--know all about chewed kidneys, shambling ghouls, moldering flesh, barricaded doors, deserted streets, and the all-important bullet to the brain. But most of all, fans of the rich, vibrant zombie narrative of the late 20th and early 21st centuries know about politics.
The pups, usually two to three weeks old, ere killed with a pick or bullet to the brain on the Atlantic ice floes off Quebec and Newfoundland.
His ablest challenger is straight-arrow cop Miu (Alex Fong), but latter freezes when contest is disrupted by a suicidal wacko, whose mayhem Nick halts with a bullet to the brain.
Or Die!, the terrifying Death From Within - a rifftastic monster gilded with Spaghetti Western magic - and the dreamy dynamic Bullet To The Brain, Mr Mustaine is true to his word.
Or at least he does so as much as possible: For a play that pretends to struggle with moral ambiguity, "All My Sons" remains so blatantly unambiguous -- a self-inflicted bullet to the brain is a pretty thorough argument-ender -- that only top-notch direction and performances can oil the creaks.