BULLIBrenau University Learning and Leisure Institute (Georgia)
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You have worked at some very intense restaurants, including French Laundry and El Bulli.
I trained many years ago at Bulli when it was an extremely busy hospital.
A cloud of doves and electric milk Scented petals and chocolate butter Transparent fruit made of air Exploding popcorn and inside-out soup * his isn't my attempt at surrealist poetry, but actually a section of a menu from the former best restaurant in the world, El Bulli.
Loving mother of Alan Sherr and his wife Laura Bjorklund, Janet Sherr and David Sherr and his partner, Marilyn Bulli.
Sat-Tue, Electric) EL BULLI - COOKING IN PROGRESS (12A) Documentary about the famous avant-garde Spanish restaurant as they spend six months developing their new recipes and menu.
Bulli came back from 3-0 down to score four goals in the final 20 minutes to take awinover WollongongUnited in the South Coast League.
More intriguing by far were the efforts of Jason Atherton, the Skegness lad-done-good who honed histrade at el Bulli and has worked with Marco Pierre White and Gordon Ramsay.
Run by head chef Ren Redzepi it has wowed foodies the world over and beat the likes of Spain's El Bulli and our own Heston Blumenthal's Fat Duck hands down.
He was born in 1927 in Coledale, New South Wales, Australia, but lived in Bulli, New South Wales, Australia, both coal mining areas.
Mexico City joins the company of renowned cities in 22 countries that have nurtured notable chefs such as Thomas Keller (of Per Se in New York City), Heston Blumenthal (of The Fat Duck in Bray, England) and Ferran Adria (at El Bulli in Roses, Spain).
It will be in Roses, a town already famed for its culinary prowess, being home to the globally renowned El Bulli, the Michelin three-star restaurant.