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GAM-83Bullpup (USAF missile)
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The coaching staff was assessed with a technical foul that Bullpup Kevin Quiambao converted for a 61-49 lead at the 9:29 mark of the fourth period.
The year 1989, introduced many new AK-type models, like the Type 81S rifle, Type 81 MGS rifle (an RPK-version of the Type 81), and the Type 86S AK Bullpup. As you can see from the photo included, the Type 86S was prominently displayed at the China Sports booth (my friend took that photo of me at the show against NSSF rules at the time!).
To illustrate just how compact the EAA bullpup really is, I compared it to my Ultra 87--a Chinese knock-off of a tactical-styled Remington 870.
The SCORPION BULLPUP KIT converts any Scorpion over to a bullpup configuration.
There are several other 9mm sub-compact pistols out there, and with the exception of the Bond Bullpup, they have one common problem--their barrels are, arguably, too short.
Hi-Tech's new patent-pending KSG Howitzer70 Muzzle Brake provides recoil reduction for the bullpup Kel-Tec KSG 12-gauge shotgun of up to 70 percent depending on ammo, according to the company.
Design-wise, the JS 9 mm is smaller and lighter than the QCW-05 and features a bullpup design, like the QBZ-95.
The Turbo GT's stock assembly features TenPoint's new, shorter Fusion S stock and 19,5-inch synthetic barrel, fitted with a 4-inch bullpup version of the 3.5-pound T3 auto-engaging safety trigger.
When I heard K&M was making a new bullpup, I was intrigued.
* The FS2000 is a bullpup 5.56-chambered semiauto variant of the select-fire F2000.
I purchased a Century International Arms AK-47 Bullpup and want to install a C-More or Docter optical sight.
The rifle is gas operated with rotating bolt and has a bullpup configuration (in which the bolt carrier group is placed behind the pistol grip, allowing to retain a long barrel while reducing the overall length); the weapon is fully ambidextrous as the ejection port is located at the front of the weapon and cases are ejected forward.