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DC Bully Busters urges politicians and all adults to use the same 3-R guidelines that kids learn: They should Recognize bullying, Refuse to be a bystander who doesn't help, and Report the bullying.
Help for the bully/peer abuse problem: Is bully busters in-service training effective?
"We hope that the Bully Busters campaign will help employers start to make a stand against bullies."
The first version of the Bully Busters program was published in 2000 (Newman, Home, & Bartolomucci).
Bully Busters: A Teacher's Manual for Helping Bullies, Victims, and Bystanders [Newman et al., 2000) was the treatment program implemented in the present study.
Finally, Dawn Newman-Carlson and Arthur (Andy) Home (2004) discuss a program known as "Bully Busters," which is a psychoeducational intervention that has been applied in middle school settings.
Prime Minister Tony Blair had given his backing to Bully Busters when it was launched two months earlier and it was hoped the Liverpool scheme could be a template for other areas.
She impressed a panel of judges with her anti-bullying work with Ysgol Bodedern Secondary School's Bully Busters and her involvement in the school's No Smoking Club.
There will also be support, advice and information provided from Bully Busters; a Merseyside anti-bullying organisation and confidential hotline.
A team of specially trained staff will man the Bully Busters confidential hot line to take calls from victims, parents or from people with information about bullying of children.
Bully Busters' is an Anti Bullying Helpline to provide support for victims of bullying and their families.