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BUMABounce Up My Ass (military slang)
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Scania announced on Tuesday that BUMA, a mining operator in Indonesia, has decided to invest in 266 Scania trucks over the next five years, at a value of approximately USD30m.
Ethiopia's region of Gambela which borders the South Sudan Buma state is inhabited by an important Ethiopian Nuer community.
RCA carried the relief consignment from Juba to the rough areas of Buma Mountain which does not have an airport, on a C-130 aircraft which is capable of takeoffs and landings from unprepared runways for civilian and humanitarian aid operations.
Buma consists of several villages, including Buma-centre (population 1,000) and Kimpolo (population 300).
This time, most of the fighting cocks from the first DVD era are together,' Buma said, adding this gave the group enough clout to set a standard outside any wider industry body.
A spotlight has been shone on a pledge by the BUMA and SABAM - the companies that manage music copyrights in Belgium and the Netherlands - to scrap national licensing monopolies in the online music sector.
March 12, 2015 from 4-6 PM in the BUMA FUNERAL HOME, 480 Church Street, Whitinsville, followed by a funeral service at 6 PM in the funeral home.
He led "Agarab" (scorpion) battalion which captured the strategic town of Buma in 1985.
Buma, representing Citizens for the Preservation of Northbridge.
Buma, speaking for Citizens for the Preservation of Northbridge, said in an email: "In November 2012, the town issued approval for the new site for 'exterior storage of recyclable material.