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BRHBundesrechnungshof (Germany: Federal Court of Audit)
BRHBrise-Roche Hydraulique (French: Hydraulic Rock-Breaker)
BRHBanque de la République d'Haïti (French: Bank of the Republic of Haiti)
BRHBureau of Radiological Health
BRHBe Right Here
BRHBoulogne Résidence Hôtel (French hotel)
BRHBlue Remembered Hills (television play)
BRHBureau of the Royal Household (Thailand)
BRHBramer House
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The head of Bundesrechnungshof also told the paper that the country's railway network should not be split from Deutsche Bahn and privatised, while stressing that the government should always review its holdings and sell down if it establishes the lack of public interest in its involvement.
Bundesrechnungshof (2009), Chancen zur Entlastung und Modernisierung des Bundeshaushalts--Vorschlage des Bundesbeauftragten fur Wirtschaftlichkeit in der Verwaltung (BWV), Bundesrechnungshof, Bonn.
Towards the External Audit of National Declarations in Germany" - Presentation by Norbert Hauser, Vice-President of the Bundesrechnungshof (German Court of Auditors), in the presence of Josef Bonnici, the Member of the European Court of Auditors responsible for the DAS
Tenders are invited for Delivery and commissioning of a WAN optimization appliance Riverbed Steelhead CX 3070M together with maintenance for the external site in Potsdam, as well as configuration work on the central components at the Bundesrechnungshof in Bonn
Bundesrechnungshof, Bericht an den Haushaltsausschuss des Deutschen Bundestages nach [section] 88 Abs.
One reason might be the complexity of the tax system which results in tax compliance costs for corporations, but also in enforcement costs for tax authorities (as it requires frequent training of tax collectors and is time consuming) (OECD, 2007d; Bundesrechnungshof, 2006).
Tendering and commissioning of a wan optimization appliance riverbed steelhead cx 3070m together with maintenance for the external site in potsdam, as well as configuration work on the central components at the bundesrechnungshof in bonn 20/9/17
Bundesrechnungshof (2000), Bemerkungen des Bundesrechnungshofes 2000, Bundestagsdrucksache 14/4226.
Furthermore, it also emerged that the privatisation of the Lintra Group had been the subject of a critical report by the German Court of Auditors, the Bundesrechnungshof, in 1996, and appears to have begun even before the Commission approval was given.
Tenders are invited for Public invitation to tender for winter services according to VOL / A in the premises of the Federal Police Inspection Hamburg and Bundesrechnungshof Office Hamburg- Lot 1 as well as in the Thnen-Institut Hamburg-Bergedorf property - Lot 2
Bundesrechnungshof (Federal Court of Audit) (1996): Die Prasidentin des Bundesrechnungshofs als Bundesbeauftragte fur Wirtschaftlichkeit in der Verwaltung: Gutachten uber die Koordinierung und Rationalisierung der Aktivitaten im Bereich Ostforschung, Bonn.
Tenders are invited for Bundesrechnungshof in Bonn, low- and medium-voltage systems
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