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BAECONBureau of Agricultural Economics (Philippines)
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General marketing research was already authorized in the appropriation act establishing the Bureau of Agricultural Economics.
The second section directed the secretary of agriculture to establish a division of cooperative marketing within the Bureau of Agricultural Economics "or in the bureau of the Department concerned with the marketing and distribution of farm products.
Wilson, as well as the records not only of numerous well-known New Deal conservation bureaus including the Agricultural Adjustment Administration, the Soil Conservation Service, and the TVA, hut also of more obscure programs such as the Bureau of Agricultural Economics, the Rural Electrification Administration, and the Interior Department's Division of Subsistence Homesteads.
Lange was initially employed by the Resettlement Administration (RA), which later became the Farm Security Administration (FSA), and the Bureau of Agricultural Economics (BAE), and later was employed by the War Relocation Authority (WRA) and the Office of War Information (OWI).
Those documents relating to the RA, FSA, and BAE (Great Depression) come from the Records of the Bureau of Agricultural Economics, Record Group 83, series G (488 images are digitized and available online), and are held at either the National Archives in College Park, MD, or the Franklin D.
The first set will come from Record Group 83, Records of the Bureau of Agricultural Economics.
Extension activity: Comparing the collections of the Bureau of Agricultural Economics taken during the Depression and of the War Relocation Administration taken during Japanese relocation:
The first of the program's subsequent "homes" was the Division of Cooperative Marketing within USDA's Bureau of Agricultural Economics.
Brandfon, Cotton Kingdom of the New South: A History of the Yazoo Mississippi Delta from Reconstruction to the Twentieth Century (Cambridge, 1967), 1-21; William Ivy Hair, Bourbonism and Agrarian Protest: Louisiana Politics, 1877-1900 (Baton Rouge, 1969), 35-39; Sitterson, Sugar Country, 311-313; "Excerpt from Regional Director's Weekly Report, Region VI," 25 January 1937, 1, loose in box, box 4, Records Relating to the President's Special Committee on Farm Tenancy, 1936-37, Division of Land Economics, Divisional Records, Records of the Bureau of Agricultural Economics, Record Group 83, National Archives (hereafter cited as Farm Tenancy Committee Records, RG 83).
In early 1922, USDA's Bureau of Agricultural Economics, within the Division of Agricultural Cooperation, began another nationwide survey of cooperative buying and selling activities.
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